Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today. Mother's Day.

This is the second most dreaded day of the year for me. The first is November 1st (the anniversary of when we started trying to get pregnant). I don't know, this one might be the most painful. I've spent today trying to pretend that today was just any other Sunday. I've stayed off of Facebook and even Twitter, but even the TV gives me no break.

There are no amount of tears I could shed today that could even come close to pouring out the pain that is in my heart tonight. I would give anything to hear a little voice calling me mommy today. I would give anything for today not to be a source of pain for me and all of my friends who are in the same boat as me.

Remember my friends, tomorrow will be kinder.


  1. You said this perfectly. And thanks for the reminder that tomorrow WILL be kinder. Thinking of you and sending you strength today and always.

  2. This is exactly how I have felt today. I went to sleep crying and dreading today,cried on and off this morning. I hate that I feel like this today.Mother's day has been ruined for me.

    1. Hopefully next Mother's Day will be very different for us both :-)

  3. I wish so bad that I could fix this for you! If there was any way I could give you what you want so bad, I would, without a second thought I would. But, I can't, so I will say the only thing I can.

    You are a blessing to so many of us. I love you, I care deeply for you and as I give thanks for having you in my life I know in my heart that one day you will receive all that your heart desires.

    To you, and everyone with IF, I give huge, comforting hugs!