Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun With Hormones - Round Two

Tomorrow I start my second round of Clomid. My wonderful husband really is a saint to deal with all of the mood swings and the crying. This evening I have tried to look at the experience from his perspective.

This is my husband's thought process when he found me crying in our bedroom a couple of weeks ago:
1) "Why is my wife rocking back and forth with her face in a pillow?"
2) "Perhaps I can say something to encourage her!"
3) "NO, I should definitely not say anything. Mentioning that she might be a bit hormonal was a BIG mistake."
4) "Now she is Glenda the Good Witch? She's baking now? I don't get it."
5) "Damn that ASPCA commercial with the Sarah McLachlan song! She is crying again!"


  1. It's the Disney commercial for me. The one where the parents surprise their kids by telling them they're leaving that day. I cry every time. I'm about to cry just typing this ;)

  2. Hormones make us basket cases! Thankfully, I finished my clomid a couple of days ago and I am feeling MUCH better now.