Friday, August 17, 2012

The Champagne Room is Open

Gotta love that title. It reminds me of a song from when I was a teenager. Computers don't give out champagne (unfortunately we haven't created such a brilliant technology yet) but the party is open!

The Thirty-One part to help my husband and I raise the funds needed for our first IVF cycle is now open!

Please take a look, browse through the catalog, and see if you find something you like. If you don't find anything you'd like to purchase (and even if you do), prayers are greatly needed and appreciated!

I am still just in awe of all the love and support that has been shown to my husband and I during this very stressful and emotionally trying time.

You guys have reminded me that there IS still good in this world, and God has used your love and kindness to remind me that He hasn't forgotten us. Those two things are priceless.

Now lets have a virtual toast to hope. I'm drinking lemonade. So yeah, here, here!


  1. Hey Rachel, I'd like to order something from your 31 party,will you still get the money if I have it shipped directly to me? I know some companies need it sent to the hostess to give them credit. Please let me know, love and hugs to you!

  2. Yes she will still get the money if it is shipped directly to you as long as you order under her party!

  3. Just wanted to say that your guest post on Bloggers For Hope was great. Thank you for sharing about your struggles. I've also felt that change from being a optimist. I'm glad you've found some healing. Wishing you all the best!!