Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Letter To The Child That I Long For


I wish you were here right now. I wish that I was awake because you were crying for me instead of being awake mourning that fact that you are not in my arms. 

I have never met you and don't know what you look like. Yet I still love you with every fiber of my being. I have prayed for you to get here countless times. I have cried countless times.

I will truly love and appreciate you every day. I will do my best to make sure that you grow to be a wonderful person. You will always be loved by your parents. I will marvel every day at the miracle that God entrusted to me.

I long for the day that we meet. I long to hold you in my arms. I long to know what you will look like and who you will become. There have been so many uncertainties in our journey to bring you here, but I am certain of one thing. You are worth the pain and the heartache. 

I love you.

One of the hardest things about infertility is that you are mourning a person that you love dearly but have never met. You fear that you may never meet them. These feelings are hard to deal with, they are hard to verbalize, and most people don't understand them. 

I love the child that I have never met just as much as a new mother loves the baby that she holds in her arms.


  1. I fully 100% agree with you. I miss my babies, the ones I've lost, and the ones I am missing that I will have in the future. Praying that this month will bring happiness and not sorrow. I am on Clomid round #2 and praying it works. I am ready to have a baby in my arms.

  2. That was a beautiful letter! I wish there somethig, anything, that i could do to help you in your struggle! If you think of anything just tell me! Writing that letter must have been helpful, just to get those feelings on paper. Just keep up everything you are doing so far - you are a trooper and are doing so well so far! I am in envy of your strength in the face of hardship, your resolve to never give up and the way you are handling the situation with such dignity!
    So yeah, Good on you! Oh and go go go follicles! Do your stuff and let's get this girl pregnant already!

    Love ya,

  3. I completely understand. I have so much love for this baby that's not even conceived yet. Just longing to hold him/her in my arms. You'll get yours very soon!