Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Advocacy - Redbook's Truth About Trying Campaign

Yesterday was the Redbook #TruthAboutTrying Twitter chat. It was amazing. It was so great to see so many women opening up about their infertility journey. Well, I guess that sort of sounds bad. It isn't great that there are so many women dealing with infertility, but I am really glad that those who do are opening up about it. 

Unfortunately, the topic of infertility is often looked at as a dirty little secret that shouldn't be talked about. This attitude has to change. Twenty to thirty years ago people felt the same way about talking about breast cancer. Now, no one is ashamed to talk about breast cancer.

In an effort to raise awareness I "came out" as infertile on Facebook by posting a link to the Redbook campaign, The Truth About Trying. The only responses that I got were from my mother and my aunt. But that is okay. Some woman who is struggling with infertility may have seen it, clicked on the link and learned that she is not alone. That is what really matters.

My husband and I are one of the one in every eight couples that struggle with infertility.

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